Swenja Surminski, Senior Research Fellow, London School of Economics

Can flood insurance schemes help prevent flooding and address the underlying risk of flooding?

“We ask if those flood insurance schemes can also help to prevent flooding, to address the underlying risk of flooding, by providing incentives to home owners to build more resilient homes, by working with property developers, or by influencing government’s decisions", says Dr Swenja Surminski.

Watch the video and learn about the research done within the ENHANCE case study on UK flood resilience and insurance partnerships.

Read the newly published policy brief Insurance instruments and disaster resilience in Europe – Insights from the ENHANCE project.

Note to readers:

Dr Swenja Surminski is involved in the ENHANCE project and leads one of the 10 case studies covered by the project: Flood risk and climate change implications for MSPs.

Click here to visit the case study page.

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