Expected Results

  • Harmonised dynamic scenarios of vulnerability, exposure, and hazard at the pan-European scale, using existing information and new probabilistic approaches for multi-hazards, heat-waves, forest fires, floods, droughts, storm surges, and volcanic eruptions;
  • Guidelines and key features for enhancing MSP interaction in successful resilience enhancement and risk reduction. These will be pre-tested via participatory workshops on risk-based scenarios;
  • Methods for linking MSPs to novel scientific risk scenarios and assessments;
  • A toolbox of economic instruments and non-structural mitigation measures for assessing risk and increasing societal resilience. Developed in a participatory manner, these will be applicable at national, regional, and local levels; and
  • Policy recommendations to the EU and the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) signatories delivered through a dissemination platform for enhancing resilience that encompasses all levels from governments to local communities.

The ENHANCE project has received funding under the
Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union
under grant agreement No 308438

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